Top 5 Holiday Gift Card Checklist

Posted by on 11/26/2018
Top 5 Holiday Gift Card Checklist

Here is a checklist to help you Sell More Gift Cards this Holiday Season! 


1.    Gift Cards

Make sure you have enough gift cards. If you run low or want to offer holiday themed cards, we have 250K pre-designed cards in stock and the ability to print custom cards in house. We have same day printing capabilities and overnight shipping.


2.    Gift Card Holders & Packaging

We have 100K gift card holders in stock as well as specialty packaging. This enables merchants to make gift cards a complete gift. Customers appreciate this convenience.


3.    Gift Card Signage

Have signage and gift cards on display at the register to increase gift card sales, especially impulse purchases. Check out our selection of Holiday POP signage.


4.    Gift Card Promotions

Provide an incentive for customers to buy multiple gift cards. A gift card with purchase is a great way to achieve this result. For example, offer a free $5 gift card for every $25 gift card purchase. Ask all customers if they want to add a gift card to their purchases.


5.    Gift Card Marketing

Use social media and email marketing to let customers know that you have gift cards available. Provide the details of your gift card promotions. Include gift cards in all marketing efforts.


We wish you a successful Holiday gift card selling season! Check back here after the Holidays for special offers on gift cards and holders to replenish your supply.